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Bonded Pairs  looking for new forever homes....................

Our bunnies are priced between £50-£80* each, These are well bred, well cared for top quality rabbits, the price reflects the care, work and commitment that has gone in to raising them. As such we are looking for top quality  homes and we are happy to wait till the right home comes along for each bunny. We are the only breeders to offer neutered bonded pairs of  bunnies.
If you are wanting a
cheap rabbit  then please look elsewhere. There are many breeders out there that don't care where their rabbits end up or what they have to live in, they are just interested in getting rid of them as soon as possible so the doe can produce yet another litter. Homing and caring for a rabbit correctly is not cheap.
We will provided you with a top quality hand tame pedigree rabbit,that is fully weaned, treated against haymite, lice & thread worm. we will also spend 1-2 hours with you when you select your pet, we will advise you on the most suitable breed for your needs, we will show you how to handle, train and interact with your chosen rabbit/s. We will also advise you on the correct housing for the breed of rabbit/s you are homing and show you accessories that we stock, that will aid you in having a happy healthy well behaved bunny.  Plus we offer on-going help & advice for you rabbit via email or phone.
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here.                                                                                                                                  *Neutered rabbits will be plus a neutering fee


Bonded Pairs Looking For New  Forever Homes    

These are pairs of rabbits that are to be re-homed together, the male of the pair has already been neutered.
The advantage of  homing these bunnies are:

  • All the work bonding them has been done.
  • They are a loved up pair of bunnies
  • The expense and worry  has already been taken care of, with taking the risk with the neutering.
  • The male  would of been neutered from the age of 11-14 weeks by my Vets.
  • On older pairs-What you see is what you get, in terms of size, and nature.



Rabbits are collection only, we do not deliver or send by courier.     NO TIME  WASTERS PLEASE


Please email us to find out more.

Rabbits that have not been neutered can not be deemed as bonded. Please do not get caught out by other people homing rabbits.



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