Happy first birthday Heidi

Heidi landed on all four paws -when she was homed by the Pearce family, a very lucky bunny. Seen below celebrating her first birthday with a special bunny cake made just for her.
It just goes to show in the right homes Netherland Dwarfs make lovely pets and companions. Below is the email I received from her owners.
heidi -carott
Hello Dee,
I hope you are well.
Here are some pictures of Heidi’s first birthday today – she has been spoilt rotten and has had a lovely time!
She is the sweetest bunny and we are so grateful for her – she is certainly very well loved.
Thank you!
Catherine and Andrew
Eleanor and Sophia x


Makes a nice change to get a nice email from customers.

Avery loved and spoilt Lion Lop.

Hi Dee

Hope you are all well.

Just emailing to say hello as Weezy turned one the other day and we wanted to thank you for bringing himweezy_1 into the world for us. He's made our house 100% happier and he is a joy (a terror sometimes but a total joy!) I've attached some pictures so you guys can see how he's doing. He had a mini pineapple as a birthday cake (NO, we didn't let him eat the whole thing!! haha) as it is his favourite treat. He also loves basil, dill and kale.

He has been enjoying the garden and likes to go outside in theevening when it is cooler, sometimes he races around on his lead, it's great exercise for Luke and I.

He also really likes to play with balls and you can spend ages with him knocking a ball around, almost like a dog.

All best
Ava, Luke and Weezy



Hemp matting- a must for the indoor bunny.

Brilliant new product just added to the shop. Great for house bunnies living area orhemp mat_roll litter trained outside bunnies.
I will be using it at the local shows to line my show pens as wood shavings are no longer being supplied by the hosting club.
The great thing about this hemp mating is it is a meter wide and we will cut it to your required length, starting at 40cm up to 200cm.- bigger if need be. Great for long haired bunnies or those recovering from an operation.
First person to order this new product -will receive a surprise gift.
Don't worry it won't be 97!!!!! ( Richard -forthose that don't know his nick name)


P1060172_lionlop girls

Lionhead Bonded pair find new home..

After being here for several months waiting for that right forever home- I was beginning to think that they would become permanent residents with several people wanting to home one or the other, I stuck to my guns as these were a very happily married couple and need a forever home together. They were finally in luck in the form of a Yorkshire "Tooth fairy"

Karen and her husband Carl had fallen in love with them, one spot of trouble was the 250 mile -9 hour round trip for them to be collected. A quick bit of thinking and a visiting trip to relatives in Grantham planned- we met up half way.


With the biggest indoor cage delivered a couple of days before-every thing was set. Car loaded, overnight stuff packed,dogs loaded, bunnies comfortable in their carrier, and we just had to take their wooden house that the two bunnies adored-although this was never in the upright position- but more like a boat, which both bunnies enjoyed sitting in.

Thank you Karen and Carl and I hope they give you many years of happiness.