Monday Morning blues? or a heavy weekend?


Coconut on the left, Zeeba on the right.

I don’t think their going to be much help today. I did get a terrible glare from Coconut -when I opened the cage door and she did not move –  with a little panic- I did poke her- “if looks could kill” Sorry Coconut -I thought the worse and I’m not the quietest of people and you didn’t stir. Zeeba- you just plain lazy.

Come on Monday morning- BUSY BUSY!!!!!!!!

Bunnies head off to Finland

New Show Blood heads off to Finland.

8 Lionheads and 3 Netherland Dwarfs,made the start of a two day journey to Finland to introduce new Blood lines in the rabbits being breed and shown there.IMG00858-20130916-1534

With purpose built roomy travelling boxes, to make the journey easier for  the bunnies, they were soon tucking  into their hay.

Janina from castaway rabbits is no newbie to the Lionheads, she has already managed to win the first ever Best in Show with a  Sootyfawn lionhead, and
is hoping to follow suit in Agouti, Cinnamon and Rew  with descendant from the  bunnies that she  has collected from us.
We wish her and the bunnies well, and hope that the language barrier will not be a problem.

Dee Millen’s new website

After several months of planning, the new website is ready to go live- 9th September 2013 the old site that has served us well is due to be turned off- and the new one -set live.

The customer area should be live shortly- this I will be adding to over the next few weeks and months. As and when I get time. Please be patient-we are a hobby based business and the care and well being of my own rabbits comes before me adding sections and pages to  website.


With any new site we are hoping that we have squashed all the bugs- but if you happen to find any – a page not working or an image missing extra -please let us know