King Fudge & his hats.

More news from our hat wearing “super Bunny”

The first picture is his whole hat fudge_crowns1collection so far. The first one is the birthday one. Second is the crown as he seems to think he is King Fudge. The third and fourth ones are both wizard hats for Halloween. The fifth one is a candle for Diwali. It was the hardest to make but isn’t quite as good as the other ones. fudge_crowns2The sixth one is a firework one and the seventh is a remembrance day one with a poppy on it. I’m planning to add a Christmas one soon and a new year and Easter one nearer the time. The second picture is one of him wearing the wizard hat. The last picture is one of him looking very spoilt wearing his crown on his cushion which looks like a throne!



I can’t wait to see his Christmas hat…………….

Happy Birthday “Fudge”

I got a lovely email this evening-so thought I would share it with everyone.

“Happy Birthday” Fudge- I hope you have many many more birthdays to follow- not sure how many hats -one bunny can cope with. :)

Hi Dee,

Last November I got my rabbit Fudge from you for my 13th birthday. He is a chocolate otter mini lop that I named Fudge. As it was exactly one year ago today since I got him, I have decided to email you to let you know how he is getting on. I have also attached 3 of my favourite pictures of him. One is of him as a baby, one on his first birthday and one from last night.

He settled into his new home quite well. It wasn’t long until he started coming up to thefudge_1 front of the cage for attention rather than hiding when we opened the cage door. The first picture is one of him only a couple of weeks after he came home. He was playing with his wooden ball when he threw it in his food bowl! I love this picture and it is the background on my phone. It wasn’t much longer until we found out his true personality. Instead of being a calm laid-back bunny, he turned into an energetic little rascal! He is the perfect pet and soon became very good at getting food from us. He makes me feel very guilty about leaving for school in the morning as he just sits there and stares at the door of his cage! He litter trained very well and is very good at doing a few basic tricks. He can stand up on his back legs with just a hand movement (or sometimes a foot movement) above his head. With a treat, he can sometimes walk up to 10 steps on his back legs.

Soon after Christmas, he really began to enjoy having a cuddle in his lap basket. He now has over an hour every evening and he would quite happily spend longer in there. He enjoys running around and it didn’t take him long to work out how to jump on to the furniture. However, his favourite place is my bed. He loves having a flop and snuggling up under the duvet with me. It didn’t seem very long at all until it was his first birthday. For the occasion, I made him a fudge_2paper hat to wear with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it. The second picture is him on his birthday wearing the hat on his own cushion on the furniture. The birthday hat was the start of his paper hat collection which currently consists of 7 hats and is still growing.  Over the last couple of months, he has seemed to become more affectionate. He is licking us more and he binkies almost every night now.

The last picture is the most recent one of him taken last night when he has a flop at cuddle time. He flops every night and loves hopping on to my chest for a cuddle. He loves the fudge_3whole family but he prefers having his cuddle with me. Soon, we are going to start jumping training as I think he will enjoy it. He is used to wearing his lead and harness and we have bought the Classic-Hop-Blue Vita Sport obstacle from you. Have you got any tips on how to start? Thank you for such a lovely bunny-and I’m sure Fudge would like to say thank you as well for re-homing him to us.

Emily Fleming

Your very welcome Emily- I just wished every bunny ended up in such a lovely home.

Dee xx

Ideal Spoilt bunny xmas present

cuddly cave_1We have very limited stocks of these lovely 3 in one Bubbles cushy bunny cave. Ideal Christmas pressie for the bunny that has everything. 3 in 1: cave, bed and sofa. Big enough for two medium sized bunnies at 44x28x42cm-in beige with bubbles. RRP for this is £29.99 we have 10 only at the give away price of £19.99.

So order yours now, and spoil those bunnies.



November babies


Kitty at the top-sitting on the nest box, Lois in the hutch under making use of the heat lamp.

One of the perils of breeding in the winter months is the cold, but if i’m wanting to show youngster at the 5 star Bradford show at the end of January then the use of heat lamps is a must. We had 6 litters born this week- two litters  of Lionheads a 3 and 4, one litter of 2 Dwarf Fox’s  “Honey Pot” first litter, and 3 litters of Mini Lops, Lois managed a whole single baby but is looking after 3 lionhead babies1425754_325919054214850_91038100_n that I had to warm back up after finding them cold in a very poor fur lined nest-(their mum didn’t want to ruin her coat I think.)

Kitty has three, and Gloria has at the moment 3 but i think two are double dwarfs which means that they won’t survive- as for some reasonthey can not feed from the mum. :(              The  3 Netherlands Dwarf Does- Dorothy, Midnight and MeMe decided not to bother, these will be re-mated on Saturday. The boy bunnies will be pleased.

I will let you know how they all get on.