Fudge & his Christmas hats!!!!

More of Fudge and his hats. What’s your favourite?
1) Santa paws
2) Reindeer
3) elf

Santa paws-hat 1

Santa paws-hat 1

Reindeer-hat 2

Reindeer-hat 2


Elf-Hat 3

Elf-Hat 3

I have now made Fudge’s Christmas hats. I have decided to make 3 as I was unsure of what one to make. The one is a reindeer one. It goes quite well with the colour of his fur but it is hard to balance it on him. The next one is an elf one which looks quite nice on him. The last one is my favourite out of the 3 Christmas ones an is his Santa-Paws one. It has cotton wool round the bottom and at the top. Luckily he hasn’t nibbled it yet.
We started jumping last night. We put the jump in the room to starts with and he enjoyed jumping over the pole. Especially when there were treats involved!

Love is in the Air………..

What to do when you lose one of a bonded pair

When Alfie lost his sister companion suddenly at the age of three- he was a very un-happy bunny. Maureen his mummy contact me and luckily we had a 5 month old Doe looking for a home. We got her neutered and 10 days later the “Taylor” family took her home to slowly bond with their sad Alfie.taylor_bunnies

“Love was in the Air”

Great news from  Maureen copied below:

I know that you are very busy but just to let you know about the new little chocolate doe we got from you for a girlfriend for Alfie . They are very happy with each other. They have bonded very well. We are grateful for your advice and guidance with the bonding process. They are totally in love!!! Hope you got pic I sent last night. Thanks again Maureen Taylor Basingstoke

Another photo-of the happy couple enjoying Christmas

taylor_bunnies2Think Alfie has eaten too much pudding .
Alfie n Tiffany Xmas afternoon sleeping off dinner in front of TV.      Happy new year to you and all the bunnies.    Maureen Taylor.

Christmas Bunnies

I received the following email from Beth- who homed a Bonded pair of Bunnies from us a few weeks ago, Toffee a neutered Buck with his very cheeky sister Blue. Bunnies left us at 4 months old, we had already started their training and you can see the girls are really enjoying having bunnies they can handle and cuddle. I’m not sure what the bunnies think of the hats!!!!

Dear dee

Please see photo of girls with blue and toffee showing off their Xmas hats. We are loving BETH_BUNNIES_3BETH_BUNNIES_2them both and can’t believe we have only had them a couple of weeks