Bradford Small Livesock winners……


Agouti Doe

With Bradford all done and dusted- I’ve finally had time to take photo’s of my two winning bunnies
The team of Agouti Lionheads did well, gaining 1st, 3rd and fourth-with the winning Agouti going on to get 2nd best of breed and 4th Ladies exhibit. The Cinnamon Doe came 2nd in her class, and the REW Doe 7th after chewing her bib -silly girl.





Apollo Mini LionLop

The Lion Lops were a little of a disappointed with two of the girls that I wanted to show being 2oz over weight and me having to take a Single man Sootyfawn Buck Apollo ( Kiwi’s brother)-instead he did very well gaining 4th Best of breed. His son Savoy won the cc but he was the only one entered in his colour class.


On the whole a good show.