Lionhead Bonded pair find new home..

After being here for several months waiting for that right forever home- I was beginning to think that they would become permanent residents with several people wanting to home one or the other, I stuck to my guns as these were a very happily married couple and need a forever home together. They were finally in luck in the form of a Yorkshire "Tooth fairy"

Karen and her husband Carl had fallen in love with them, one spot of trouble was the 250 mile -9 hour round trip for them to be collected. A quick bit of thinking and a visiting trip to relatives in Grantham planned- we met up half way.


With the biggest indoor cage delivered a couple of days before-every thing was set. Car loaded, overnight stuff packed,dogs loaded, bunnies comfortable in their carrier, and we just had to take their wooden house that the two bunnies adored-although this was never in the upright position- but more like a boat, which both bunnies enjoyed sitting in.

Thank you Karen and Carl and I hope they give you many years of happiness.