We say goodnight to Checkers

PIC00045_checkAt the grand age of 10 years- Checkers peacefully slipped away in his sleep, the picture of health, all his tea eat up, he had had a good whizz around the shed the day before -chatting to his favorite bunny friends……RIP old man. The last of my Tri Dutch crying

2 thoughts on “We say goodnight to Checkers

  1. Night night Checkers sleep well a beautiful bunny sweet dreams old man.   Love from Alfie and Tiffany.  Still going strong still cheeky and full of mischief  Maureen Taylor Basingstoke.  (Mum). Alfie came to me with his sister Poppy who sadly died 3years ago. We then adopted female chocolate lop for Alfie's girlfriend. A perfect partner for Alfie I should say so a right old bossy boots !!!    

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