First babies of 2018

IMG-20171229-00021-1First babies of 2018 born at our new house,

Two litters as the little one on the right nearly didn't make it, his mum Mia only had him and  I found him cold in the nest, he was warmed up in my bra and fostered with the other two babies of Pearls.

These little cuties will be looking for new forever homes at the end of Feb, they will be homed as a single white house bunny and a pair.


Happy first birthday Heidi

Heidi landed on all four paws -when she was homed by the Pearce family, a very lucky bunny. Seen below celebrating her first birthday with a special bunny cake made just for her.
It just goes to show in the right homes Netherland Dwarfs make lovely pets and companions. Below is the email I received from her owners.
heidi -carott
Hello Dee,
I hope you are well.
Here are some pictures of Heidi’s first birthday today – she has been spoilt rotten and has had a lovely time!
She is the sweetest bunny and we are so grateful for her – she is certainly very well loved.
Thank you!
Catherine and Andrew
Eleanor and Sophia x


Makes a nice change to get a nice email from customers.

Avery loved and spoilt Lion Lop.

Hi Dee

Hope you are all well.

Just emailing to say hello as Weezy turned one the other day and we wanted to thank you for bringing himweezy_1 into the world for us. He's made our house 100% happier and he is a joy (a terror sometimes but a total joy!) I've attached some pictures so you guys can see how he's doing. He had a mini pineapple as a birthday cake (NO, we didn't let him eat the whole thing!! haha) as it is his favourite treat. He also loves basil, dill and kale.

He has been enjoying the garden and likes to go outside in theevening when it is cooler, sometimes he races around on his lead, it's great exercise for Luke and I.

He also really likes to play with balls and you can spend ages with him knocking a ball around, almost like a dog.

All best
Ava, Luke and Weezy