First Dwarf Fox Netherland Babies say “hello”

After breeding the German imported Dwarf Fox together and not producing the type of baby I’m after,  and then not helped by the fact that the two English bred Dwarf girls do not have live babies when mated to Piglet the German Buck.  It’s back to the drawing board.

So plan two

Mate both Red German Does ” Roo and Moo” to two English pure bred Agouti Netherland Dwarfs- R-kelly and “arold


Both Does have a litter of three each. Moo’s babies above now just over 2 weeks and starting to emerge – Roo’s babies are only two days old.

These should be short coat-I will then keep two of the best typed babies and put back to the German Does and English Does- these should then be long coated. “fingers crossed”