Lionheads keep it in the family……….

Great great Grand mother Agouti 10-36 showed her great great Grandson 13-48, just how to impress at the Medway show yesterday.P1060490

Winning her class, best of breed, best fancy and 2nd in show. Losing to a Black Mini Rex rabbit.

The young Lionhead buck was close on her heals -winning his class, 2nd under five fancy and third under five month in show. Not bad for his second show out.

The old Girl

The old Girl

The young man

The young man







Medway Show-2/3/14.
Well off we went to the show yesterday-Sunday my only lie in day and we are up at 6pm-GREAT.
Bunnies to feed before we go and 11 rabbits to get ready and box for the show.
5 Lionheads, 2 Lion Lops, 3 Netherland Dwarfs and A Dwarf Fox. Judges were Maureen Embry on Fancy and Roger Lightfoot on the rest-was going to be interesting with the Lops.
So how did we do?
Dwarf Fox-“Rabbit” not placed in the adult pet-you know your on to a loser when the judge says “WHAT IS IT?”.
Lion Lops- Apollo and Savoy , mine were the only two entered. Both got 1st’s and Apollo took the CC.
Netherland Dwarfs: Smokey bandit won the class of 3 then got 3rd Best of Breed, R-kelly,



came 2nd (to the Best of breed winner) out of a class of 4. Harvey at his first show came first

and the cc getting 2nd u/5 Dwarf.
11-9 Cinnamon, 13-46 orange both won their classes and took the cc’s,
13-48 won his class and came 2nd u/5 fancy 3rd under 5 month in show.
11-44 Agouti came 2nd to 10-36-Agouti who won the class, took the cc, best of breed, best fancy and 2nd in Show.
A real family affair. 10-36 is the mother of both 11-9 and 11-44, 11-44 is the Grandmother of 13-48. Making poor old 10-36 a GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER.

“Rabbit” makes her debut-at Medway Town’s show…..

Owl’s litter  is now 12 weeks old.  I’m keeping the little Blue eyed Black and White called “Rabbit” I’m really pleased with her- just wish the whole litter were like her in type. P1060469The REW buck, “Stig”  is lacking in overall  type and I still don’t like his type- I hate his narrow head and too longer ears, he does pose and is short in body-so just need to look at those points, till I manage to Bred a Buck I prefer. P1060466                              Honeypot (Agouti/white Fox) and Roo (red Fox) are due  babies next week-both mated to little Sebastian Red Agouti Netherland Dwarf, breed out of Fox.
Rabbit has her first show tomorrow-at Medway towns-only going in the pet class but will get the breed seen. Wish her luck………………………………………….

Bradford Small Livesock winners……


Agouti Doe

With Bradford all done and dusted- I’ve finally had time to take photo’s of my two winning bunnies
The team of Agouti Lionheads did well, gaining 1st, 3rd and fourth-with the winning Agouti going on to get 2nd best of breed and 4th Ladies exhibit. The Cinnamon Doe came 2nd in her class, and the REW Doe 7th after chewing her bib -silly girl.





Apollo Mini LionLop

The Lion Lops were a little of a disappointed with two of the girls that I wanted to show being 2oz over weight and me having to take a Single man Sootyfawn Buck Apollo ( Kiwi’s brother)-instead he did very well gaining 4th Best of breed. His son Savoy won the cc but he was the only one entered in his colour class.


On the whole a good show.

Getting Ready for the Bradford 5 star show.

Ten bunnies booked to go to the 5 star show at the end of January 2014, 6 Lionheads, 3 Mini Lion Lops and 1 Netherland Dwarf. I’ve had to restricted myself this year- after last years hassles . I’ve just now got to decide which ones. Here’s a little taster-

Four stunning Mini Lion Lop Does.

P1060174_lionlop girls

Little Gem, Kiwi, Banana and Coconut- only two will go to the show.

P1060176_savoy buck

One Baby Lion Lop, (left) a Sootyfawn Buck-Savoy



Three Lionhead Agouti Does.

I’m pretty sure it will be these three.( below)

P1060187_bradford three agouti

P1060193_baby agoutiThe only Baby Lionhead to go, this will be the second show for this 4.5 month old Agouti Doe. At last but not least the “Smoky Bandit” P1060210_bandit a 17 month old Marten Smoke Buck

Bunnies head off to Finland

New Show Blood heads off to Finland.

8 Lionheads and 3 Netherland Dwarfs,made the start of a two day journey to Finland to introduce new Blood lines in the rabbits being breed and shown there.IMG00858-20130916-1534

With purpose built roomy travelling boxes, to make the journey easier for  the bunnies, they were soon tucking  into their hay.

Janina from castaway rabbits is no newbie to the Lionheads, she has already managed to win the first ever Best in Show with a  Sootyfawn lionhead, and
is hoping to follow suit in Agouti, Cinnamon and Rew  with descendant from the  bunnies that she  has collected from us.
We wish her and the bunnies well, and hope that the language barrier will not be a problem.