Really wish people would learn how to read-before commenting

I had a very frustrating email the other day, so thought I would share.

Dear Dee,

  You have a nice website, but I am very disappointed to note that throughout you refer to people ‘who are thinking of obtaining a rabbit’. As a member of the RWA I would have hoped to find you promoting the concept of never keeping A rabbit, but always keeping bonded pairs. The culture of rabbit keeping in this country needs to change radically, so it is important to use every opportunity to promote good practice. I feel you are missing that opportunity on your website.

Kind regards,      Deirdre.

Erm- are you looking at my website?????- Did you even bother reading it before emailing????

My reply.

Dear Deirdre,

I think that it would have been helpful had you actually bothered to read the information provided on my website.

Had you done so you would have seen that we prefer homing rabbits in pairs and will give preference to homes wanting a bonded pair; a fact which is clearly stated throughout the bunnies looking for homes pages.  Had you bothered to look you would have read phrases such as “with her brother above only” or “with his sister/brother only”. We will never split a pair to someone who only wants to give a home to a single bunny. This will often mean turning away customers, who, in turn, will no doubt just go and buy a single bunny from a pet store.
We also have a minimum size hutch and cage requirement for our rabbits.  I insist that photos of hutches, with their dimensions, are sent to us prior to people visiting to look at and pick bunnies. If the hutch or cage is too small or an inappropriate design then they are not permitted to give a home to one of our bunnies. Hutch size is one of the main reasons we say “no” to people.  Sadly this does not stop them from homing a rabbit or rabbits in their unsuitable hutches/cages as the big stores and other breeders won’t even bother to check, and many sell these unsuitable cages and hutches.  
We also offer a neutering service.  So far this year we have neutered 72 bucks and 3 does, all of which have then gone to their new home with a bonded partner.  The 3 does went to be with neutered bucks that had lost their bonded partners; mainly due to the family’s own vet’s failed neutering attempts.

Therefore the rabbits that I rehome do not, cannot, go on to produce unwanted litters and so do not add to the unwanted rabbit problem.  If customers circumstance change, for whatever reason, we will take back and rehome any rabbits that have come from us. 

I will however home a bunny on its own if I do not have a suitable partner here for them, but these on the whole will be homed as a house bunny and as such they will spend far more time with the family than an outside single bunny. Sometimes people do not think they can afford to look after a pair properly so opt to have one which they feel they can cope with. This I believe is them being sensible, surely it is better to look after one properly rather than two inadequately.

I feel you need to be directing your comments to the main sellers of rabbits in the UK.  They do not care who buys their rabbits, what the rabbits are going to be living in or whether they are a single or a pair or if they are properly bonded, more than that they probably sell more rabbits in one day than I rehome in a year.  Many of the rabbits bought from these sellers are often impulse buys, are incorrectly sexed and not very well bred having been obtained from the mass production rabbit farms and markets.  Often the new owners are not informed at what age a pair needs to be neutered to stop them reproducing or of the cost of neutering, many are given not much more than the very basic care advice for their rabbit/rabbits.  We on the other hand provide advice before, during and after a homing. As I feel I have explained our principles I have no intention of entering into any further communication with you in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dee Millen