Getting Ready for the Bradford 5 star show.

Ten bunnies booked to go to the 5 star show at the end of January 2014, 6 Lionheads, 3 Mini Lion Lops and 1 Netherland Dwarf. I’ve had to restricted myself this year- after last years hassles . I’ve just now got to decide which ones. Here’s a little taster-

Four stunning Mini Lion Lop Does.

P1060174_lionlop girls

Little Gem, Kiwi, Banana and Coconut- only two will go to the show.

P1060176_savoy buck

One Baby Lion Lop, (left) a Sootyfawn Buck-Savoy



Three Lionhead Agouti Does.

I’m pretty sure it will be these three.( below)

P1060187_bradford three agouti

P1060193_baby agoutiThe only Baby Lionhead to go, this will be the second show for this 4.5 month old Agouti Doe. At last but not least the “Smoky Bandit” P1060210_bandit a 17 month old Marten Smoke Buck