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The old bunny blog from January 2011- to May 2013, plus the  previous years archived at the bottom.

For your enjoyment.

With the new easier to use and add to bunny blog -I'm hoping to add to this on a weekly basic's,

If you have an funny story or some photo's you would like to share -please email them to us.



From January 2011- September 2013

"The Bunny Blogs"
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April 2013
We will be back at the "London Pet Show" on the 11-12th of May. This is a great Day out for the whole family. More info here. We will be in attendance with just the show this year.
We have a chance for you to win a pair of tickets for the show or if you are not lucky enough to win -we have a special offer for you available up until 11pm 10th May 13  --15%off of the entry price. Please click here to buy tickets and enter the following
code DEEMILLEN in the offer code box, or quote my name if booking by phone. If you come along to the show and stop by and say hello-Tell us the name of our Spotty house rabbit to get a free gift.
~~~ Win a free pair of tickets to the London Pet Show~~
To win a pair of tickets to the London Pet show, please answer the following three questions.
  1. What bred of bunny is Pumpkin our company mascot -featured at the top of the website.
  2. What is the most important food for bunnies? (A)- hay. (B)-cabbage. (C) treats.
  3. What is the name of the new breed of bunny that I brought back from Germany in December? -scroll down if you need help on this one. :)
Tie breaker- What do you like most about bunnies?
Please email your answers to dee@deemillen.co.uk.-entries will close on the 8th May 2013.
Tickets will be posted that day and the winner will be announced here. NOW CLOSED -THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT ENTERED. I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET EXTRA TICKETS SO THERE ARE 3  LUCKY WINNERS. See below.

  1. Pumpkin is a Mini Lion Lop
  2. The most important food for bunnies is Hay
  3. The new breed of bunny is Dwarf Foxes
The winners of a pair of tickets to this years show are:
In first place:
Linda Curling from Essex
joint second are
Joann Ly from Nottingham
Tara Conolly from London.

Thank you again to all of you that took the time to take part. For those of you that did not win tickets and still would like to come along, there’s still time to save 15% if you book by 11pm on Friday 10th May remember to add the code DEEMILLEN

Dee Millen & the Bunnies xx
Tie breaker- What do you like most about bunnies?
Linda's winning breaker:

Their fuzzy little faces
Never make me frown
They are always pleased to see me
Even when I'm feeling down

They bring a smile to my face
With the silly things they do
They never seece to amaze me
With their daily mountain of poo!

I love my furry little friends
Such funny ways they have
I know one day they'll finally talk
And their first word will be 'food'!!
March 2013
3rd of March
Medway Town fanciers on the 3rd March celebrated their 120th Anniversary with a special double show.
A very busy day lay ahead of us with over 200 rabbits entered the hall was a little bit on the cosy side with rabbit fanciers travelling down from as far a field as Norfolk,Suffolk and Nottingham.
I entered a team of 9 rabbits, 3 Lionhead, 2 Lion Lops, 2 Netherlands and the 2 Dwarf Foxes.
So how did we do........?
Better in one show that the other. We achieve 3rd Fancy rabbit in one show, and 2nd in Show in the other with an Agouti Lionhead. I was quite happy as in both show we were placed higher than the REW Pole that had beaten us for best fancy at the previous show. The Lion Lops and Dwarf Foxes did well, the Netherlands OJ winning his class and coming third Best of breed, this was his first show. Pictured below next to the winning Dwarf.

"ElevenTen" with her winnings.
It always amazes me how judges interpretation of a breed standard can vary. The overall Supreme champion was not placed that highly in one show-although this may of been down to the fact that it had bitten the judge, and being what I can only describe as "a huge beast of a Bunny" the bite must of hurt.
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Pink- Girl
Feb 2013
17th February -
Saw us at a local show "Hastings & St Leonards Rabbit & Cavy Club" for a change. I was not overly happy getting up at 5.30am to get all the bunnies fed and the show rabbits boxed for our 8am departure for a judging start of 10am. What a cold start to the day minus 2, and fog all the way to Northiam.-Joy!!!
With a team of 10 my hopes were high, till I walk in the hall and saw Mr Morris with his stunning Lops, he was going to Reading's local club show but this had been cancelled, so he and  a few others that had been going there came to Hastings instead.
So how did we do?
Only me showing Lionheads- So I got 1,2,3, the winning Lionhead going on to get 2nd best fancy Losing to the Pole that went on to get Best in Show. My two Lion Lops were well received-the baby getting 3rd u/5 Lop. The Dwarf Foxes were again in a class on their own with Piglet betting Poo for a change. Out of the 3 Netherland Dwarfs, the Otter Baby did the best getting 3rd u/5 Fancy. The two adults-who at only 7 months were giving to much away to do anything other than 2nd in their classes.
They just need time to develop.
We took Zeeba & Pippa with us and they enjoyed several muddy walks in the surrounding countryside. Zeeba's little pink jumper not staying pink, but with the temperature not getting much over 3 all day she was glad of it, as were we for the free flowing tea and home made cakes. A good early finish and we were back home for 5pm.
Stunning walks  Kiwi - Sooty Fawn adult         Coconut-Sealpoint U/5

My babies
January 2013
the_small_animal_show_logo_web_size_150x150.jpg Burgess Premier Small Animal Show
26th-27th January 2013.
We will be in attendance not only with a
team of Show Rabbits, but also with
"The Internet Shop on Tour"
For more info Please click here.
This will be a strange year for us showing wise, with all the bunnies that attended the show in Germany at the beginning of December all out of action suffering with heavy moults, I have had to have a real good think on what I'm going to be showing, not helped by the fact that the REW Lionhead Doe that went best adult Lionhead at the last stock show has been chewing her bib and mane- so i'm not sure if she will be ready either. So with a small team of 7 Lionheads, 5 adults 3 Agouti's, only 1 Cinnamon and the Rew and 2 babies an Agouti & Cinnamon sisters- I can but hope.
This will be the first show in the UK for 3 of the Dwarf Foxes, Roo is due babies at the beginging of Feb so will be staying at home.It will be interesting to see how these little bunnies are received by everyone, from a preparation point of view their coats are amazing and require very little attention, un-like the Lions that are being groomed every other day in the run up to the show. Only one Mini Lion Lop this year and this is not the one that I have had my eye on but her sister who is not quite the colour I was wanting but who's coat is intact. plus 2 baby Netherland Dwarfs make up our show team of 13 for 2013- un-lucky I know but chance are we will be leaving one or two at home.

I keep checking the weather forecast and have everything crossed at the moment that it will just be cold and no snow.
It won't be like Germany where everybody just gets on with it- everything will come to a handstill and I really don't want to get stuck in Yorkshire, I will have two very sulking Doggies at home if i'm late back.
For customers of the Internet show, we will once again be having a stand in the main hall, where you will be able to browse our extensive range of small animal goodies, if you are wanting to collect anything special from us please email me and i'll make sure it is on the list to take. We can be found opposite the "Bunny Jumping", this in itself if worth visiting the show, with the added bonus of the spectacle of approximately 750 Cavies, 50 Gerbils, 250 Hamsters, 300 Mice, 1,500 Rabbits and 125 Rats (or small furries as we call them) including a Discovery Area.
The Burgess Premier Small Animal Show is an exciting and fun day out for all pet lovers and their families.- Well worth a visit. More info here
P1030661_agouti.jpg P1030694_cins.jpg
Agouti Show Team Cinnamon show team
P1030646_buck.jpg P1030667_rew.jpg
My Favorite- My Agouti Buck- Rew Doe- the odd one out
Stop Press:
We are attending and showing at the "europaschau-show" in leipzig Germany from the 3rd-11th December with a strong show team of 9 Lionhead rabbits- see above.
As such- although you will be able to place an order, this will not be despatched until our return. We would like to thank you for ordering but would like to remind you that we are a hobby based business. With myself & Richard in Germany this leaves a skeleton staff to look after everything here- and I hope you will agree with us -"as animal lovers" that the care and welfare of the bunnies and animals staying at home -is at the top of the agenda.
We will be sending out extra goodies and gifts with every order placed during this time, as a thank you.
For more info on this show please click here.
To see our show blog scroll down:

25,000 rabbits will be at the show- Oh my God!!!!!!

Sunday 2/12/12 at Maidstone services.
Is it going to fit?- 60 rabbits from the Uk on their way.

With the rabbits on their way, we had a crazy day rushing around to get everything sorted for our trip away, enough food, plenty of hays, the bunnies topped layered and nest boxes put in for the Does due babies. Then the final briefing session for my Sister and Niece who are house, dog and bunny sitting. At least they have not got the shop to worry about- that will be my headache next Monday afternoon, when we are awake from our midnight landing,
Monday-3rd December 2012
After finally getting to bed at 12.30am Monday morning, the glares from Pippa & Zeeba when I had the cheek to wake them at 3am was astonishing- would they get up- NO, I had to clamber out the over side and then lift them of the bed and shoo them downstairs- even the older house rabbits Red & Spot were not impressed with the lights going on, the younger three though Yay- we getting up- oh no your not Socks, Rimmer & Rubin I haven't got time for that.
With the suitcase weighed 19.9Kg-( one of the advantages of having good scales) then loaded in to the car we were off "Luton" here we come...straight through the tunnel with no fee to pay- I don't know why but that makes me smile. Then off up the M25- going great guns -then suddenly red & flashing lights and the road to a stand still.....................
20 minutes later we had only moved a foot drastic action was needed with a 6.45am check in and miles to go- luckily we were just by the A12 junction so with a little bit of squeezing and smiling sweetly at lorry drivers we cut across the lanes and shot off up the slip road- don't panic we can make it i thought, just take it easy. So back on track- then the matrix's signs flashed up- M1 shut both ways-- "oh fudge" or words to that affect- i thought......a quick detour up the A1M we finally arrived at the car park to see the shuttle bus just leaving- oh great.
6.15am we finally got to the airport to hear our flight being called- luckily straight through check in- too setting of all the alarms going through security one patting down by a rather butch guard, and a swab down and most of my outer clothes in a tray we were through- yay. The rest was easy. Fly to Berlin airport - train to central Berlin station- (just as well it goes in a circle as we managed to get on the wrong one). Then high speed Train to Leipzig, with a 5 minute train change to Leipzig-messe... easy- haha. And it doesn't help that there are so many non English speaking foreigners. A short walk from Messe to the hotel ended in a wheel off a suitcase and a 12 euro Taxi ride back the way we had just walked after a "nice German Dog walker" had sent us to the wrong hotel-We finally arrived at our hotel ...yippee
Word on the rabbits is: although heavy snow in Holland the journey is going well, they have now stopped for the night in Kassel all fed,watered & sleeping.
I'm quite envious after the 12 hours we have just had.

Berlin Airport
Leipzig main station, a very impressive building. The Christmas fair at the station- that I didn't get to look around- but with only five miniutes to change trains- I was pushing my luck stopping to take photo's.
Tuesday 4th December.
Day two-
A lovely slow start to the day catching up on hours of missed sleep- and then a nice breakfast although I think they could take a lesson or two on a "real proper breakfast" from us Britt's. The hotel is lovely, lets hope the one we are moving to on Thursday is as nice- 54 rabbit fanciers due to fly in to join us should be a giggle.
Derek & Joyce arrived at the hotel after nearly not making it as the snow had been coming down thick and fast. We were venturing into Town -to see the Christmas fairs, so that got put on hold, as we made our way to the show hall.
What can I say- WOW...it's hard to imagine what 25,500 rabbit pens look like- it's something that you just can't photography- I tried but the hall was to big & dust levels in the hall made it appear like it was snowing on the camera.
The start of the Queue to get in this just kept growing This gives you the length of the hall
The Agouti's all penned  I just love this- A Tri Coloured Netherland Dwarf

Booking in was very difficult-not one of the staff/helpers spoke English. So we muddled our way through- countless trips backwards and forwards got all the rabbits into the hall-now just to find the right pens. Lynsey & Owen arrived and collect their bunnies to pen- great 17 less for us to do. 8 hours later all in, feed, watered and settled for the night. We had a quick look around at some very strange bunnies that even Derek didn't know what they were- a Harlequin pattern, swiss fox coat, 4" ears and medium in size??- I will have to ask on Friday. I located the breed that I'm importing back to the UK-will let you all know on Friday if I manage to buy them. it was time for us to venture into town and find somewhere to eat, a hike to the tram station later we were in Leipzig- the atmosphere here is amazing the Christmas stands are all lite up and lovely. A nice meal and then back on the tram to the hotel.
Wednesday 4th December  
Day three:
A strange day today, all the rabbits penned and now two days of Judging. Each judge has 70 rabbits, these are judged completely differently to how we do things in the UK. A table is set up at the end of a breed row, the judge stands with a raised lectern and the breeds standards book open to the breed he is judging. One steward fetches and carries one rabbit for the judge to assess.
A bunny waiting to be judged  The judge checking the standard

The rabbits are then point, judged for each section. Type, coat, colour etc, everything is checked, weight, ear length and condition, cleanliness doesn't seem to play a part- I was gob smacked to see Angora's being judged with half their cage bedding still attached to their fur, or white rabbits with orange feet. The points are then added up giving the bunny his score out of 100. It's a bit like watching paint dry- none of the banter and cheer of an English show but also none of the terrible "jockeying" that takes place or of rabbits losing to another because the judge prefers the ears on that or the shape of that rather than the point allocated for such things, or even because he doesn't really know the standard of that breed, but won't get the standards book out, as he doesn't want to admit his not sure.
One of the end of row judging areas.  A giant getting it's ears measured

With not a lot else for us to do, we decided to set the GB hospitality stand up, an area for English exhibitors and visitors and general enquirers on how "we do things" in the UK. Plus judging by the amount of wine, beer and nibbles on the stand " a bit of a party" Joyce having a lot to celebrate with two Polish getting 97 points each. Mine & Caroline's as yet have not been Judged. Alan's two German Lops got 96 points each- well done. We will drink your share as you will not be joining us this year. Octavious Stud's Giants scoring between 93.5- 95 each, other than the one that got disqualified for lopping an ear- naughty bunny. David's Chin Giants scoring 90+ each and Lindsey & Owen doing well.
Derek & Joyce  Have you heard the one about -"how many people ?"
All finished- would of been good to have a poster from each of the national clubs- maybe next time? The very impressive entrance to the 5 show halls

With the stand looking "Red, white & Blue", we headed in to Leipzig for something to eat and a beer.- We found a lovely Italian - might well have to go back there at some point
Although the Germans feed & water the bunnies, we went back to the hall in the evening to check the 60 English rabbits, we being us and Mr Fox will "nod" were asked politely to vacant the hall as it actually shut 20 minutes ago. The last night in our lovely hotel, tomorrow's hotel in the heart of the town with the rest of the English crew.
Thursday 6th December
Day four
Woke up to find a layer of snow and more falling from the sky- oh great with the rest of the English rabbit fanciers due to land at 10am, this was going to be interesting.
With breakfast out of the way, we had to make our way to our new hotel. Now this was going to be fun-"not", having broken the larger suitcase getting to the hotel on Monday, we had borrowed the smaller of the two trollies that we had used to get the rabbits into the hall on. With this loaded we set off on the 20 minute walk to the tram station. No problem I hear you all say- yep under normally circumstance it would of been easy- but by now there was 4" of snow on the ground, the pavements are un even cobble stones and every hidden bump a suitcase fell off, plus the driving arctic winds and the minus 4 made it very hard work.- I now know how "Scott" felt. An hour later we arrived very cold and wind swept at our new hotel. The coach with the others was still on it's way as there had been several accidents on route- if it had been the UK the airport would of shut and the motorway too. Whilst we were waiting for them, we headed off into town to the Christmas fair and to get lunch.
We found freshly smoked salmon, which was gorgeous, this was quickly consumed whilst sitting in a canvas teepee on fur lined benches around a log burning stoves.
When the coach finally arriving we headed back to the show hall, to check on the bunnies and see our results from the days judging. I was very pleased with the teams, the Agouti's got-95, 96, 96, 95 with a team result of 382, the Cinnamon team were let down by the young buck who only scored 93, the Girls got 95, 96.5 96.5 giving a team score of 381. The Rew single bunny scored 96. Not bad for my first show in Europe. With the rabbits feed we head back. We then had a late night swim in the hotel pool, finally made it to bed at 2am, so sorry if you were waiting for the blog on Thursday night.
Two scene from Leipzig- spot the real sheep.
Friday 7th December
Day 5
Friday saw the show opening it’s doors to the public and the livestock exhibitors, I do believe that there was someone from every four corners of the planet, 1000 and 1000 of people poured through the doors, the bulk with one thing in mind- new blood lines, with over 14,000 rabbits available to buy the sale queue was a good 2 hours long. Luckily with Derek being allowed in before the hoards he was already firmly in the queue, with a list of bunnies that we wanted. 13 Dwarf foxes were bought with only one on our list already gone-I was very lucky I got the four bunnies that I wanted. All I had to do now was to track down the German breeder of the Red ones to see if I could persuade him to sell me the red buck. Having phone him twice after finding someone that spoke English as well as German to get his answer phone was a bit disappointing, but I was not going to give up. So please meet the four new bunnies at Dee Millen Rabbits: introducing "Piglet, Poo, Roo & Moo." All had scored well with 96.5 from Poo who also won an award more info here

Piglet- BEW Buck

Poo Chocolate Doe

Roo- Red Doe

Moo Red Doe

So after a busy day looking around the 5 show hall, and nattering on the UK stand to everyone ,it was time to get back to the hotel and get something to eat, somehow we ended up- back to our little Italian, to find several other English fanciers tucking in- had I really told that many of them about it.
Saurday 8th December
Day 6
A nice lazy start to the day with another look around the town center, we headed back to the hall.
With all the bunnies checked, feed and watered they were all coping well with the show, my Agouti buck had formed a strange frienship with the rabbit in the pen behind him, i'm not sure if rabbits suffer with a language differeance but they were quite happily sat next to each other deep in conversation. He may well of been asking what was written on the score cards- below!!!!

Cinnamon Show cards

Agouti show cards
Saturday night is the "Big Night out" Evening meal and cabaret- with several hundred people attending- well what can I say about it, “the company was good, the food interesting and the cabaret act-was "PANTS". I was glad to get back to the hotel- and what a treat lay in wait for us all- Vinnie a former London Drag Queen- dressed in his best dress waiting to entertain us in the hotel lounge area- “EXCELLENT”- I haven’t giggled some much for a very long time, we did get some very strange looks from the other guests of the hotel.

The English  tables all moved together, so we could all talk.

Photo pinched from Simon
Sunday 9th December
Day 7
Our last day at the show, the snow was falling thick and fast- oh great are we going to get stuck in Germany, news from Berlin airport was good the run way was being kept cleared. By lunch time no taxi's were available but the good old tram were still running-they had there own mini snow plough that was keeping the tracks clear- British rail or whatever it is called nowadays- take note.
The awards were presented to the English winners- by care of a steward handing us a cardboard box with various bits and bobs, and all paperwork in German, it was then just a case of working out what was for who or what. I was very lucky to win two awards, one with the Agouti Buck-96 & the other with the Cinnamom Doe 96.5.

photo pinched from Simon.
The boxes waiting to be loaded.
Once all the bunnies had been boxed it was now just a case of getting everything to fit in to the van, the 60 rabbits that had come from the UK had been joined by an extra 60 bunnies going back. Several trips to the van with the trolley- not helped by the now 5" of snow, we got everything outside and on to the van. I and Richard had to leave to get back to the hotel for 4.30pm to get the coach to the airport, leaving it a bit tight on time we had to run for the 3.30pm tram with Sylvia almost having a heart attack with the cold air hitting the bottom of your lungs, having lost Vinnie in the hall. Fingers crossed he would make it back in time.
With the coach 20 minutes late, lucky for our Vinnie who had strolled in 5 minutes earlier without a care in the world, we were on our way to the airport, a slow journey later we arrived, for our 9.30pm flight home
Monday 10th December
Back in the Uk in the early hours of Monday morning, no snow here-great. A good drive home and I was pleased to fall in to my own bed with my beautiful doggies Pippa & Zeeba to cuddle.
Tuesday 11th December
A phone call at 9am from Joyce to say that they had arrived safely back in Dover 2 hours earlier than expected, all the bunnies had travel well and I needed to meet them back at Maidstone services, to collect my 9 Lionheads & 4 Dwarf Foxes, I also had to collect Octavia’s 5 Lionheads and 4 huge Continental Giants as he had been delayed. I'm not sure how I got them plus the large trolley in the car but where there is a will there's a way.
On our return home the 13 bunnies then would have to spend the next 14 days in a Quarantine area away from the other bunnies as a safety precaution.
My niece aptly put it when she first saw them on their arrival from Germany-- they look like bath "scrunchies" so introducing
"Dee's Dwarf Scrunchies".
So some more photo's for you of this new breed in the UK: They now have their own website so you can follow them at shows and the breeding plan. Please click here




I hope you have enjoyed our show blog, i'm hoping that this will be the first of many European shows.

May 2012
mmg_22_south_eng.jpg Our first outside show of the year the 6-7th May finds us at The South of England's- "Spring" show, although with the amount of rain that we ave had it may of been better to be called The Duckling show. We have our fingers crossed that by Sunday the rain will be long gone. Red & Spot our house bunnies are not sure if their swimming skills are good enough, I don't think Spot who is slightly on the rounded side can float let alone swim, Spot the Titanic springs to mind.
We will have the full internet shop on tour with us, a team of show bunnies, 4 Lionheads, 2 Netherland Dwarfs, a Mini Lop & Mini Lion Lop, Plus the house rabbits will be on the stand to entertain you. Please come along and say "hello", we will have our new super sized Metal pen with escape lock on display, this massive pen is 8ft x4ft, a must for every bunny for when the summer  arrives...............
For more info on the show please click here
Red & Spot-two of our house bunnies.
The new super sized pen, includes free sun/rain cover as well......

April 2012

Happy Easter.
Please remember if thinking of a pet bunny, that this is a up to ten year commitment, at Easter time chocolate or stuff bunnies are best. Rabbits are better as family pets rather than just for young children, the ideal age for a child to experience the true wonder of having a pet bunny is 8 years onwards.

March 2012

Free Easter Bunny Gift Bag & Treats......

Easter Bunnies- but not what you would expect.
Here at Dee Millen's we do like to be differant.
A lovely gift for you and your Bunny.

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Offer runs till midday Easter Thursday.
January 2012
the_small_animal_show_logo_web_size_150x150.jpg Burgess Premier Small Animal Show
28th-29th January 2012.
We will be in attendance not only with a
team of Show Rabbits, but also with
"The Internet Shop on Tour"

For more info Please click here.
P1010476_u14_challe_class.jpg With a strong team of ten Lionheads and two Mini Lionlops, we are aiming high this year. The first time the show has opened it's doors to the under five month rabbit, it looks to be an interesting couple of days.
The Lionheads at the moment are holding their coats, all we have to hope for now is  that the weather holds and the snow is a distant memory of last years fun and games. No fun towing a trailer with snow on the ground, for some reason it does not seem to what to go in a straight line, if you can get it to move in the first place. We were much lighter coming home. I've just got to try and get the stock right this year. :)
For customers of the Internet show, we will once again be having a stand in the main hall, where you will be able to browse our extensive range of small animal goodies, if you  are wanting to collect anything special from us please email me and i'll make sure it is on the list to take. We can be found opposite the "Bunny Jumping", this in itself if worth visiting the show, with the added bonus of  the spectacle of approximately 750 Cavies, 50 Gerbils, 250 Hamsters, 300 Mice, 1,500 Rabbits and 125 Rats (or small furries as we call them) including a Discovery Area.
The Burgess Premier Small Animal Show is an exciting and fun day out for all pet lovers and their families.We have a pair of tickets to give away to the customer that can answer the three questions below plus special show prices & offers on many products, like the  Scratched & Newton bottle snugs, ideal for these cold winter days; at show price of just £5 each. There will also a free gift to everyone that stops by and says "where's that Red Rabbit".
Please email the answers to the below questions to dee@deemillen.co.uk or by clicking here.
A fun day out- Free pair of tickets. Closes 9am 26th January 2012
Question one: Name the Rabbit on the Right----> IMG_5690_spot.jpg
Question two: How many years has the show been running for?    Need help?
Question Three: What breed of rabbit is this----> BUNNYS_1428_evilia.jpg
Tie breaker: What is your favourite small animal & why?
Christmas 2011
P1010206.jpg So what have we got planned this year at
Dee Millen Rabbit Accessories?
Of course the bunnies have already started writing their Christmas list, I believe some start as early as June, the house bunnies being the main culprits. We are in the middle of adding all the Christmas goodies to the site, and building all the Hampers that so many of you come back to us each year for. We have added a couple of new ones for 2011 as well as some great value packages.

Christmas Offers

Free Goodies for every order* from now till the Big Day..............
Just Put XmasBunny in the code box to qualify .....and your present will be added.
P1010207.jpg For order between £15 -£24.99

Christmas Stocking filled with a treat pack
  1. 6 x Square Treats
  2. 2x Semi-circles
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These are valid from the 13/11/11 to  20/12/11 or till stock levels last, one per customer per week. Stocking design vary.
*Order over £15 only (this does not included the delivery or surcharge cost) and T&C's apply.
Orders placed after the 20th do not qualify for a free gift plus we can not guarantee the delivery of the order before Christmas & the New Year. Courier service's start again from the 3/1/12
November 2011
It with a sad heart that I have to inform every one that one of our House bunnies Ruby is no longer with us, after complication after her spay we had to say goodbye. Red and spot miss her terrible. The house seems very quiet without her. Young "Socks" who we add to the team in June, is trying to fill her shoes, with his disappearing upstairs every two minute and the climbing he loves to do just like her. Unfortunately we are having issues with bonding him to Red and Spot and since Ruby's very sudden leaving we have gone back several months.
On a good note "Socks" is fine with the two younger Rabbits- Rimmer and Rubin who we are hoping to get in to the main group.
P1000361_socks.jpg P1010215.JPG
A very young Socks. Socks in the outside area with Rubin & Rimmer.
October 2011

September 2011
ca5bd01ab2987900ffff8314d4355564_1.jpg DSCF0685__2_red_boar.jpg
"Red Rum"
See us at this new show in Reading on the 11th of September, with a huge entry of Guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals , it's going to be an interesting day out for any animal lover, the doors open at 9am, and entry is free. So pop along and see us, we won't have any of our bunnies with us but we will be there with the internet shop on tour, plus there will be all the other small furries there for you to see. More info here.
keyrings_magnets.jpg IMG01062_20110812_1622.jpg Come along and see us at the show to claim your free Bunny key ring or fridge magnet.
Just tell us the name of the stunning Piggy above.

I will be  up dating the missing months shortly, sorry I never seem to have enough hours in the day.

March 2011  
So what have we been up to, I hear you asking yourself. Well with a shorten show schedule it means that I have a little bit more time on my hands to show the rabbits and just generally be at home to play and see too them all.
The spring babies have started to be born, and I am running several of the babies born right at the beginning of the year on for show
(photo's below). We have added another House bunny to the crew, Ruby DoO is another Thrianta like Red, mad as a hatter but great fun. Hopefully she will be living in with Spot and Red soon, Red just needs to learn that she is not going to steal Spot away from him, but will have two friends washing his ears instead of one.
Spot & Red
IMG00716_20110304_0904_ruby.jpg IMG00683_20110224_1810_ruby__red.jpg IMG00735_20110314_2239_ruby.jpg
Ruby DoO. Like butter would not melt...  ha ha Red meets Ruby, they start with a kiss but ends with Red chasing Ruby away. Prisoner at the Bar: Ruby wanting to come out. She is a great escape artist
6th March 2011
Saw us at the Medway Two star show, not a normal venue for me, but I wanted to get a couple of the bunnies out and use to the show world plus I  was interested in the Judges thoughts on my Un-standardised Dutch Baby- a Black Otter coloured example. So who did the best?  Well that was Young Sheba on the right, she won her class, took the CC from the Adult and finished 3rd Under 5 month rabbit in show.
And my Baby Dutch----------"a raised eye brow "
A strong team of nine rabbits. All looking in the peak of condition.
Picnik_collage_lionheads_medway.jpg Picnik_collage_meday_show.jpg
Three Stunning Lionheads Three Lops,two Dutch & a Netherland Dwarf
My show hopefuls for 2011.
The four Lionheads below are all from one litter, three Does and a Buck, I was only planning on keeping two but cannot really spilt them, so for now they are all staying.
lionheads_034_11c00001.jpg lionheads_028_11c00002.jpg lionheads_040_10c063333.jpg lionheads_049_buck_212_enock.jpg
Agouti Doe 11C00001 Agouti Doe 11C00002 Agouti Doe 11C00003 Agouti Buck, no ring yet
This is "Mange Cherry" a stunning Sooty fawn Mini Lion Lop Doe, daughter of "Mange Tout" and Bean, hopefully she is going to have a long winning show life ahead of her, she is a natural poser.
lionheads_022.JPG lionheads_021.JPG lionheads_017.JPG
From only a litter of two the other baby, an Agouti buck is looking for a very understanding pet home indoors. He is special needs after an accident at five weeks old, which has left him with the use of only 3 legs, we are waiting to see if the damaged one will have to be removed.
Below: Mum & babies having a cuddle. Below: Work this photo out!!!!
IMG00738_20110316_1215_lop.jpg IMG00737_20110316_1215_lionlops.jpg
The little Agouti, loves laying upside down, with his legs in the air, he has given me a fright a couple of times.
And the last two for the moment................
023_2_3 neth Marten sable doe_1.jpg IMG00725_20110311_1044_bounty.jpg
No name yet, William's Daughter a Marten Sable. Bounty a lovely Chocolate Otter Buck waiting for breakfast.
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29th -30th January 2011
Our First show of the year, was the crufts of the Rabbit world. We were in attendance  not only with the Internet Shop on Tour  in the events square but with an eleven Strong Show Bunny Team, 5 Lionheads, 3 Mini Lion Lops and 3 Mini Rex from David's Stud
So how did we do?
Not brilliantly with my bunnies going in to a heavy moult the week before it was a hunt for a team of Lionheads that were in coat and not over the very silly weight limit. So I ended up taking a Doe "Elight" ( that's her on the right busy nest building on her return from the show) that was in the middle of having a phantom pregnancy, which included a bumpy tummy full of milk, having to milk a Doe the morning of a five star show was a first for me. My best bunny a stunning Cinnamon went out over weight  being just a 1/2 an ounce over :(
So what can I say "But better luck next year"
David didn't fair any better, with one of his team pulling a toe nail and ending up with
a bloody foot and another going out just over the weight limit.
Jet-Setting Bunnies Hop to Yorkshire for the UK's First Rabbit Grand National
Yorkshire was host to an unusual sporting spectacular, as the UK's first Rabbit Grand National held at the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate, on  the 29-30 January 2011.
British bunnies, including competitors from across the region, had been in training to take on serious International competition from four of Sweden's finest jumpers, who  flew in with their owners for the event. The rabbit jumping attraction took place at the Burgess Premier Small Animal Show, the 'Crufts'of the small animal world, which attracted more than 3,000 gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rabbits and rats. The event was  open to the public, a  showcase  trade area which  housed a range of stalls selling craft, food and pet products, including our internet shop, as well as the new Showcase Square Activity Zone, where children's activities took place throughout the weekend.

( Photos & Text  from the Burgess Premier Small Animal Show)
Swedish competitors flew into Harrogate especially for the event, which saw champion bouncing bunny Cherie and her owner Magdalena Åhsblom take the top spot.



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