"Bunny Bomb about"- un-leash the "wabbits".

Delivery 3-5 weeks. Please check first if in a hurry, these are made to order.

Kit 1:-Harry
New design for 2018

Two connection blocks.

  • One Large connection block with wire trap door and one medium hinged door.
  • Two Large connection blocks with one wire trap doors
  • Two medium connection blocks with hinged doors
  • Two Large connection blocks with hinged doors
  • Two Large connection blocks with one wire trap door and one hinged door

10 ft of Tunnel, tunnel wire ,with six pegs, & wire cutters, .

Our "bunny bomb about" designed by us made by us- for the enjoyment of your bunnies and you.

The connection block is made of 18mm ply with 8mm bolts to hold it firmly in place. Choice of connection block size.
The connection blocks come in two standard sizes: Medium and large.
Large- 38cm x38cm (15" x 15") and medium- 20cm wide x 38cm high (8" x15")
These are painted Brown with Dark Oak Stain/ varnish.

Our "Bunny bomb about" is far more durable* than the plastic alternative and more affordable priced-with countless options, as we will design a "Bunny bomb about" to fit your garden space, hutch and run, Wendy house, garden shed or for the spoilt house bunny even your house. We offer a FREE design service.

The "bunny bomb about" will fit any hutch or run or shed with the choice of  black tunnel length.The kits come in 4ft, 7ft, and 10ft tunnel options, or you can make your own kit up.
The tunnels can be extended with a straight tunnel connector and more tunnel. We just can not send more than 10ft of tunnel in one box, as this is very large.
The black tunnel is 6.2" (160mm) in diameter and will take up to a 8lb in weight bunny. This is a heavy duty pipe**-it is flexible to a degree-but if you are wanting to do right or left hand turns you will need to add a turn section.
The tunnel has ventilation slots running down the entire length of pipe, and is easy to clean with a hose pipe and safe for the bunny to be in..
We can design and build a "Bunny bomb about" to suit you-please email us photo's of your hutch, run and garden.
**The tunnel is new and un-used- but there are a couple of scuff marks to the outside-as this comes into us in a very large roll which is difficult to ship. If this is a problem -then please do not order as the scuffs are beyond our control.

Shipping is calculated by mass not dead weight as we are charged for the amount of space our items take up.

Do not be concerned by a large weight as it relates to size and quantity (mass) rather than actual weight and the shipping is calculated on this. Harry the biggest tunnel system.
Delivery 2-6 weeks. Please check first if in a hurry, these are made to order.

Delivery to Zone 1 & 2 only or collection..

£10 delivery cost. Please do not add anything else to this order.

If would like other item please place a second order.

*Maintenance: We advise giving your wooden connection blocks a coat of stain/varnish yearly-particular the exposed.



Kit-Harry showing 10ft pipe, pipe clips,

two large Connecting block with wire trap door.

Pipe clips-made up of a spring and two pegs. Plus wire cutters available.



Showing locking strips to hold tunnel firmly in place, 8mm bolts with wing nuts for the perfect, secure fit.

Remove the traditional  wire mesh from your cage front to allow access to the "Bunny bomb about"

"Bunny bomb about" fitted to a Malling Double deluxe bottom left door- which can be still be used. Medium connection block-showing door open to access the tunnel

Wire door of run sealing tunnel

tunnel firmly attached to the connecting blocks

Bomb about fitted to our Malling run to a 230cm

Photo's below of  old style blue bomb about- but it gives you an idea of what can be done.
Our house bunnies outside area attached to a 144cm extendable run with a 12ft "bunny bomb about" tunnel system. We used our existing trap door on our hutch-  "bunny bomb about" can be adjusted to suit and made to suit.

bomb about -Tom connecting two runs together

just plain fun

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