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Coronavirus Human Envrioment spray kit

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Protect you and your family with our

Coronavirus Covid-19  Envrioment spray kit.

Each kit contains

10 x Rely+On™ Virkon™ tablets 10 x 5gm will make 5 litres of spray

1 x  1lt spray bottle for use indoors or outside use. Use one tablet with 500ml of water.

1x30ml hand spray bottle for use when you are out and about.

Replacement tablets are avaliable. sold out

One ton of this product was sent to china in February to help contain the outbreak there.

We have been spraying everything with this- shopping bags, our post, I even put a tablet in with my wash.

One tub makes up 5 litres of Virkon Solution. Each 5gm tablet makes up 500mls of Virkon disinfectant. Suitable for hospitals, residential homes, dentists, catering facilities, hotels etc. Activates within 5 minutes & is viable for up to 5 days.


  • Tablets allow for easy and accurate dosing when creating the Virkon solution.
  • Safe and simple to use - not classified as harmful to the user. It has a low acute toxicity, does not cause skin corrosion, does not cause sensitisation and is biodegradable.
  • Once placed in water, becomes a pink solution which is activated within 5 minutes. Built-in colour indicator of strength and use life up to five days after activation (1:100 solution).
  • Virkon is effective at killing 99.999% of microorganisms in less than 10 minutes.
  • Solution can be applied to surfaces using a spray bottle, sponge, mop etc. Any items that need disinfecting (not medical devices) can be submerged in Virkon solution and rinsed afterwards.
  • Proven effective against all major pathogens known to man and a wide range of antibiotic-resistant strains. After independent testing, also proven effective against:
    300 strains/clinical isolates from 76 bacteria
    47 strains/clinical isolates from 35 viruses
    45 strains/clinical isolates from 17 fungi

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