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Dee was started to help fund the far too many bunnies that live here.

Below is the "display team"- sadley most of them are now at rainbow bridge.

So here is a selection of our  bunnies for your enjoyment.
With a big thank you, from our bunnies and us for supporting the internet shop and making this all possible.
We will start with the biggest Bunnies, most of these have sadly past away but are still in our memories


DSC00924__2_Hiede_2.jpgHeidi aged 3 years Heidi
was our mascot and she attended all of the shows that we attended, where she hopped around the marquee loose and would kept any visiting dog in their place. She spent most of the day dozing, lapping up all the attention that she got and was usually the highlight of the show. Occasionally she went visiting the stands next door, especially if they were selling plants. Heidi was a French Lop; she weighed in at 17lb - that's a lot of bunny. I never had a litter from her. Sadly we lost her in November 2009, at the age of 5.5 years. She will live on in our memories and her adventures can be seen by clicking here.
IM000333__2_Heidi_at_the_forrest.jpgHeidi enjoying the New Forest Grass
DSCF0786__2_grub.jpg Grub:
A Continental Giant crossed with a Chinchilla Gigantic.
He was three years old in July. He weighs in at a mighty 18lb. He was very mischievous as a baby and it was like having a naughty toddler around. Now a days he is like the "Victor Meldrew" of the rabbit fancy Grub was totally in love with Heidi, but she never gave him the chance preferring the smaller bunny like "Spot" and "Fido"
R.I.P. 10/12
Grub March 2010   Sweet hearts Heidi and Grub  
DSCF0811__2_hump_nlet.jpgHump March 2010 Hump. RIP-11/15
A stunning Orange French Lop, one of my Golden boys. He weighs in at a massive 15lb, he is like a huge teddy bear that enjoys a good cuddle. Not only has he been appearing with the display team of bunnies, but he has been doing very well on the show table, recently gaining two best of breed certificates.
All I need now is for him to be a dad! " He says his working on that with young Harmony".-2013 Harmony never had a litter by Hump-who has still not been a dad, Harmony went to rainbow bridge May 2013.
dscf0587__2_hump_and_baby.jpgHump with his 7 week old Brother
Sgt Bilko.    
DSCF0748__2_sgt.jpgSgt. March 2010 Bilko:
A black and tan coloured Belgian Hare, although
he is called a hare hare_run_1.gifhe is actually a rabbit. He was born in 2005, he was very fast on his toes and was the source of a small population explosion in 2007 after he squeezed, Harry Houdini style, through a tiny chewed hole in the bottom of his cage into the cage below, to be with Blossom and Petal resulting in over 45 cross breed hares. Sgt Bilko would now run a mile from Blossom, being a rather elderly hare.

Sadly he past away October 2010
im000411__2_sgt4_jingle_ball.jpgA  two year old Sgt
DSCF0743__2_Mr_Ears.jpgCuthbert March 2010 Cuthbert:
An English Lop and is all ears... they are a massive, 27 inches long by nearly 7 inches wide. Its very funny watching him whiz around the shed, which he is definitely not designed to do. He will be three in October 2010, and despite being quite a shy chap is one of the display team. People are still just amazed by those ears.( R.I.P)



A very young Cuthbert

Mrs Dibble and Fred.    
im000491__2_mrs_dibble.jpg Mrs Dibble and Fred.
A happily married couple.Mrs D an active member of the display team. She is is a three year old Argente Noir, she has a nice personality, although she doesn't like being picked up or handled by men. Fred a yellow Dutch is the oldest bunny here being born in early 2000, that makes him a very impressive twelve years old. He has been know at show to show Mrs D, just how much he loves her, with lots and lots of "bunny cuddles".Sadly Freddy past away 31st December 2012, not quite making his 13th year- Mrs Dibble died 3 days later from a broken heart.
DSCF0760.JPGMrs D top as a youngster, bottom a little cubby


The loved up couple March 2010

DSCF0759.JPGFred: Top just 2 years old, bottom 10 years old
DSCF1216.JPGAlways cleaning

Aptly named because of the pattern on his back. He is a 4 year old rare variety of Tri-coloured Dutch and is probably one of the best examples in the country. RIP- aged 10. 31/7/16


Checkers aged 2 years

PIC00043.JPGand again.......
Cecil and Eden.    
DSCF0765__2_eden_cecil.jpgMarch 2010 Cecil is a four year old Himalayan. He is a very strange looking rabbit, a lot of people don’t like his huge pink eyes and say that he looks evil but he really is one of the sweetest rabbits that you will ever meet. He has a lovely temperament being very laid back and chilled. He at the moment is living on his own. Poor Eden a stunning cinnamon Lionhead past away in August this year at the age of 6 years. I am still working on bonding another Girlie bunny with Cecil, he needs a very quiet caring lady. He has recently joined "CLICK SINGLES" a local dating company, more info about them here and has already has had three dates, two proposals of marriage and several heavy nights. He never found his new soul mate. Now at rainbow bridge. BUNNYS_1497_cinnamon.jpgEden's Great Great Granddaughter
im000445__2_ceicil_3_bed.jpgA im000446__2_ceicil_bed_4.jpgim000444 (2)ceicil bed2_1.jpg    im000443__2_ceicil_bed1.jpg  
nice bed No one Looking                                                      Don't mind if I do...... ZZZZZZZ....................
Spot & Red    
SDC10263.JPGSpot Xmas 2009 Spot & Red
Our house bunnies, Spot a two year not very good example of a Netherland Dwarf, weighing in at 4lb and Red a stunning Thrianta who is nearly two. Both boys are neutered, and are probably the closes pair of bunnies that I have. Spot is very quiet and needs to write a risk assessment every time he thinks of doing anything where Red does it then thinks much much later. He also believes that he is a budding electrician.
Both bunnies were rescued, destine to be snake food :>(


A very young Red

DSCF0802.JPG IMG00119_20100407_1936.jpgImage119__2_the_gang.jpg



March 2010 The pink toys are the Girl Doggies"Honest        Holiday 2009, we did get some strange looks. Always up to something
The Gang Blossom, Petal, Rosy & Dipstick  
DSCF1044.JPGLiving Lands Show  May 2010 Blossom is a six year old, over weight, cross-breed bunny, highly trained in the art of eating (oh, I meant agility). She has the most stunning blue eyes and a cheeky disposition. After her fling with sergeant Bilko she lives with her daughters Rosy and Petal and her neutered husband Dipstick, in a converted Wendy house in the garden. After a year at marriage counselling Dipstick who is Dad to Rosy and Petal, forgave Blossom for her fling and they are now a happy family unit. Sadly they are now all at rainbow bridge. the gang_1.jpgSun bathing at home.
DSCF0795__2_rascal.jpgMarch 2010 Rascal.
A 18 month old Dwarf Lop, a bunny that was returned to me because he thumps and was keeping everyone awake at night, well he has been back here for 9 months and we are yet to hear him. He is a sweet boy, neutered and is now looking for a new home, with adult owners. He has been to several shows this season and has made an excellent member of the Display team.
He has now found a new forever home.


A baby Rascal 8 weeks old

DSCF1669__2_bart.jpgAugust 2010, 8 months after his stroke.

An orange Dwarf Lop. He has a lovely personality and is a laid back little gentleman. He was born in 2003,he will be 7 years old this year and has now retired from the show scene; however he still makes an appearance with the display team. He suffered a stroke in December 2009, but lucky has made a full recovery, and was a dad again in July of this year. This photo was taken in August 2010.

Sadly Bart passed away in 2011.

im000326__2_bart2.jpgJune 2007


Such a cheeky boy

Is a new breed of bunny, he is a Lion Lop. He is three years old, very sweet and is fastidiously clean. His cage never looks like a bunny actually lives there, except for the empty bowl and full litter tray of course! He is always immaculately turned out and hates having a hair out of place, quite handy for showing really. He recently became the new company mascot, taking over from Heidi after winning the competition that we ran at the beginning of the year. He beat some heavy opposition. To view this please click here.
He is now all loved up living here with Radish a stunning Lion Lop Doe.
BUNNYS_1424_pumpkin.jpgOctober 2010
DSCF1689__2_fido.jpgAugust 2010 Fido.
One of my Golden boys, a lovely Sooty Butterfly Mini Lop, sadly no longer with me. He past away September of this year aged 6 years. One of Heidi's favourite boys, together again.
photo002__2_Heidi_and_fido.jpgFido with Heidi Summer 2009
Lucky Break 147    
IM000344.JPG Lucky Break 147
A strange name for a bunny I know, but it’s to do with his show ring number, which is 07K00147. Seven is my lucky number and 147 is the highest break that you can get in snooker, so it makes complete sense really. Lucky Break is an Isabella Butterfly Mini Lop. He is three year old and is very full of himself, thinking he is the super stud of the rabbititry. Now living with Chrissie and Maggie.


never happy

  Oursmallest bunny weighing in at only 1lb 12oz, he is one of the smallest breed of bunnies a Netherland Dwaf their show weight being not over 2lb 8oz, he is an Opal coloured Netherland Dwarf. He is a very shy, reserved little bunny. Oswald who is never happy is a bit of a snob really as, despite his size, he looks down on all the other rabbits.
RIP 25/12/12


What a fat face

"ittle Man"little_man.jpgAugust 2010-doing so well Last but not least............."Ittle Man"
A tiny 8 month old Mini Lop, another Beige butterfly, just like his dad Lucky break, but one of the house bunnies, unfortunately as an 8 week old baby he had a nasty accident and damaged his back. So he now lives in doors, he can hop but spends a lot of time on his side, waiting for one of us to pick him up. Sadly in September 2010, he took a turn for the worse, and we had to say Goodbye...  :(
illtle_man_1.jpgPlaying in the garden
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