Hutch Hugger for the Malling Single Hutch range

6ft single hutch hugger- Length: 181 cm Height: 63cm Width: 65.5 cm
5ft  single Hutch Hugger- Length: 153 cm Height: 63cm Width: 65.5 cm

Hutch hugger™, the revolutionary product that will bring you complete peace of mind by enhancing your pet’s lifestyle
The waterproof hutch hugger™ is extremely easy to fit – simply place it over the hutch, tighten the straps and that’s it! You may never need to remove it, not even for cleaning out the hutch, as the front window rolls up and is secured safely under the pelmet. What’s more, the impressive hutch hugger™ can save you money by prolonging the life of the hutch, and helping to keep food fresh and bedding dry.
The hutch hugger™ will fit snugly on both sloping and flat roofs.
If your hutch is within our standard sizes, we recommend that in order to have the hutch hugger™ fitting your hutch as snugly as possible, your hutch can be up to 5cm smaller.
•Windproof and waterproof
•See more of your happier pet
•Hutch can stay outside in all weather
•Save money – prolongs life of hutch
•Save time – no more makeshift protection.
This cover is tailored made to fit this cage, it may not fit any other cage unless it is exactly the same size. Please take care when ordering as refunds are not available on wrongly ordered covers. Please refer to our T&C'S.

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