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Rabbits looking for homes are bred from my own pedigree show rabbits, these babies are surplus to my own personal requirements or are not suitable for show or breeding. They are therefore homed as pets only. My rabbits are kept and shown as a hobby and are not part of the online store/business. These pages are for information only, for more information.

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Mini Lops

 For the Full Breed standard and range of colours
please click here. 
Hi, I'm Lucky Break, a mini lop, and I'm not for sale - please scroll down to see any babies that are currently available..... thanks Breed Standard
Ring Size K 

(1) Type - 30 points
(2) Weight
(3) Coat - 20 points
(4) Head, Crown and Eyes
Ears - 30 points
(6) Colour and Pattern - 15 points
(7) Condition - 5 points
Total = 100 points
Perry. Fawn butterfly Mini Lop


Please Note:  
  • We do not sell tiny under aged baby rabbits that should still be with their mothers.
  • Our Babies will leave from 10 weeks plus, and not before.
  • Our  baby rabbits are the correct size for their ages.
  • We will be able to tell you their actual adult size.
  • Our babies are fully weaned, fit and ready for their new pet homes.
  • Our  Babies are fully guaranteed.
  • Please read our T&C's before enquiring. Click here
  • If you are not happy with us asking you questions, then please don't ring or email us.
  • A £30+ deposit is required for us to hold a rabbit. This is non refundable or transferable (unless the rabbit becomes un-available).
  • Sorry but we can not take card payments for rabbits.
  • Rabbits are collection only
  • If you are not sure then please do not book. Our spare time is very limited.
  • NO TIME WASTERS please.
  • Preference will be given to  homes
  • (1) Homing in pairs.
  • (2) supporting Dee's Shop,(this is what funds us & the rabbits up-keep through out the year).
  • If you have the wrong size cage, We will not re-home a bunny to you.
  • We WILL ask you to email us a photo of your hutch,prior to your visit.
  • Please do not tell us you have a 5ft hutch then send us photos of 4ft ones.
  • If you are not collecting a hutch from Dee, then  the rabbits housing must be in place, which must be suitable for the rabbit/s and it's needs. We will not allow rabbits to leave to live in 1) a basket, 2) cardboard box, 3) loose in the house/garden. Babies need a secure base  (a cage) to live in once trained they could be free range, but this takes time. Our  decision is final on this matter.
  • If you knowingly purchase an un-suitable hutch for the rabbit/s that you have booked, you will have 48hr to correct this, before your rabbit/s are re-advertised and you will lose your deposit.
Dee offer's a 10% discount on the Malling Double Deluxe hutch, Malling  Deluxe singles when purchased and collected with our bunnies and packages, plus a 10%  discounts on indoor housing packages,  feed & bedding  packs plus more.

                                                                                                                            *Neutered rabbits will be plus a neutering fee

Our bunnies are priced between £60-£100* each, These are well bred, well cared for top quality rabbits, the price reflects the care, work and commitment that has gone in to raising them. As such we are looking for top quality  homes and we are happy to wait till the right home comes along for each bunny. We are the only breeders to offer neutered bonded pairs of  bunnies. All our babies are vaccinated against VHD2.
If you are wanting a
cheap rabbit  then please look elsewhere. There are many breeders out there that don't care where their rabbits end up or what they have to live in, they are just interested in getting rid of them as soon as possible so the doe can produce yet another litter. Homing and caring for a rabbit correctly is not cheap.
We will provided you with a top quality hand tame pedigree rabbit,that is fully weaned,  vaccinated, treated against haymite, lice & thread worm. We offer a "Bunny workshop"  spending 1-1/2 hours with you when you select your pet, we will advise you on the most suitable breed for your needs, we will show you how to handle, train and interact with your chosen rabbit/s, we offer on-going help & advice for you rabbit via email or phone. This is free of charge to homes having bunnies and  the full package from us. We will also advise you on the correct housing for the breed of rabbit/s you are homing and show you accessories that Dee stock's, that will aid you in having a happy healthy well behaved bunny.  For full terms please click
here.  We can only offer advice about our rabbits, if you are purchasing rabbits elsewhere please direct any questions about them to the breeder you are buying from. We will however offer advice about housing and accessories.                                                                                                *Neutered rabbits will be plus a neutering fee


Mini Lops Looking For New Homes Updated 11th April 2021

What is the advantage of a pair where the buck has already been neutered?

  1. The pair of bunnies are living together happily, we do our best to match a buck to the right Doe.
  2. We will neuter at 10/13 weeks prior to the male realising he is a boy.-The neutering fee covers -payment for the vet,  all our running back and fourth to the vets, the aftercare including administering drugs and checking the wound, the re-bonding the neutered rabbit with it's partner. You may well be able to find a cheaper option but you will need to budget in to this the time involved -possible three visits to your vets plus some vets will not neuter before 4/5 months old- so you will be either risking pregnancy and an un-wanted litter, or having to separate the bunnies whilst you are waiting. if rabbits are spilt from each other prior to neutering there is no guarantee that these will go back to together.
  3. We have neutered several rabbits in the last couple of years, these have survived the procedure and gone on to new homes with bunny partners. We are the only breeders to offer this service. We support responsible planned, careful breeding and not mass produced farmed rabbits-like the ones found in "big pet stores"



Mini Lop

We currently have a waiting list.

The next babies that will be ready are July.

Preference will be give to homes having the full package that we provide.

We can now offer a private courier service to get bunnies, hutch and kit to you during the travel restrictions that are in place. Cost will be down to where you live.


Please email us - no time wasters please.

Please do not phone or text- please email-



 The Minimum size cage for a small rabbit is a 4ft x2ft,(1152 area) with a  5ftx2ft (1440 area)  being more ideal & our preferred size. For a pair this is bigger.
Please think about the rabbits that have got to spend up to 10 years in a small hutch prison.
Please do not buy Chicken houses or Omlet housing for baby rabbits. These are not practical for training the bunny to be an interactive, hand tame rabbit.

If you are un-sure on cage size, please contact us, Dee stock's a huge range of large cages and can advise you on what one would best suit the bunny and your needs.  




This cage is 3ft x17",(612 area) the poor bunny would not  be able to lay out upstairs let alone hop. This was bought for a single Mini Lop-after we spent over an hour explaining what size was need. The couple did not home one of our bunnies as they were not prepared to change the hutch for the correct size.

This 2ft x 15" cage was bought for a pair of Mini Lops. this is how it was described to us  -I have purchased a large cage, "it's definitely big enough for 2 bunnies!"The cage is a super large size,  If you think it is not big enough for two bunnies, then I will purchase one only.  Strangle we did not home any bunnies to this un-suitable cage and lady.



Baby Rabbits Looking For New Homes
Click on the breed name you are interested in.
  Ou re-homing policy can be viewed by clicking here.  
Mini Lion Lops Mini Lops Netherland Dwarfs
Lionheads Bonded pairs Adult bunnies looking for new homes


We some times have adult rabbits looking for new for ever homes- these will be retired show or breeding bunnies, they make ideal companions for rabbits that have lost their partners where a baby rabbit would not be suitable. For more info click here


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