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Rabbits looking for homes are bred from my own pedigree show rabbits, these babies are surplus to my own personal requirements or are not suitable for show or breeding. They are therefore homed as pets only. My rabbits are kept and shown as a hobby and are not part of the online store/business. These pages are for your information only, for details please email us.



Netherland Dwarfs

For the Full Breed standard and range of colours
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A baby Ozzy

A very young Ozzy

Breed standard
Ring Size X
(1) Body - 30 points
(2) Ears - 15 points
(3) Head -15 points
(4) Eyes -5 points
(5) Colour -15 points
(6) Coat - 10 points
(7) Condition - 10 points

Total = 100 points


Ozzy & R-Kelly

Ozzy and his son R-Kelly



Netherland Dwarf- 

We will no longer be breeding these.

We only have Mini Lops or Lionheads.


Baby Rabbits Looking For New Homes

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  Ou re-homing policy can be viewed by clicking here.  
Mini Lion Lops Mini Lops Netherland Dwarfs
Lionheads Bonded Pairs Adults Looking for new homes


We some times have adult rabbits looking for new for ever homes- these will be retired show or breeding bunnies, they make ideal companions for rabbits that have lost their partners where a baby rabbit would not be suitable. For more info click here


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