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Shavings, Straw,Paper & other Cage Bedding.

A comprehensive range of bedding including chopped paper, lavender scented straw and shavings. Rabbit and small animal hutches should be cleaned at least once a week. If you use a pet litter tray this will reduce the amount of bedding used as well as protect the cage.We stock every size of loo - to fit the smallest of behinds to the biggest (Grub says 'big enough for Heidi's'!) Rabbits, in general are very clean animals, In the wild they only use certain places to relive themselves and don't soil inside their warrens. Pet bunnies also tend to toilet in just one or a few places and are easy to house train. Providing them with the right loo is the first step. The lavender products are very good at deterring flies and mosquitoes as well smelling lovely. This is a very soft straw so it makes excellent nesting material. A combination of bedding usually works better and gives your pet something to explore and dig in. The "Eco Egotistic Bedding" and chopped News paper is brilliant for indoor bunnies or those recovering from an operation or illness.

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