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Don't be scared of our boxes

Packing costs keep rising-We use "used" 
 recycled boxes. This may not look pretty but your goodies inside will be.~Our carbon paw print is pretty good too!!!


Single Storey Hutches.


We only stock 5ft and 6ft hutches.

–the Malling range are heavy duty built to last hutches.

Living area on these are:   

                                        5ft Single- 1440 plus shelf area

                                         6ft Single- 1728 plus shelf area

The advantages of these hutches being:

1)     All floors raised of the ground giving access- 24/7.  52 weeks a year.

2)      Easy access for you to all parts of the hutch, which will help you  train the bunnies to interact with you and not to be scared of you -as the person that chases.

3)      Removable cleaning out plinth - keeps bedding in- but allow for a good clean out

4)      Heavy duty. 9mm ply floors, ply roof. heavy 16 gauge  fox proof wire.  English built.

5)     Screw together not just stapled. extra locks  fitted 

6)      Run extensions -width of hutch x4ft  designed to attach to the front of hutch for extra space once trained. or 6ft x2ft side run.

7)      Two tailor made covers- hutch hugger and hutch snuggler.

8)      Nest box /resting area -smaller space to snuggle in when cold-easier for bunnies to keep warm, resting area for daytime dozing which they enjoy doing-easy to access bunnies from both areas.

8)  supplied flat pack - in three boxes which will fit in most cars.

All our hutches can be extended -for more space for the bunnies when they are trained with a Bunny Bomb about- fixed to garden run.


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