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Getting a rabbit can be very confusing. What do you need to get you up and running.

For people homing a rabbit we have always sorted out a Bunny starter pack, but with us only now having a few babies available, we have been asked if we can help out new bunny owners that are purchasing their bunnies elsewhere and not getting the complete service that we offer with our bunny homes.

Feed &  Bedding starter kit-medium

 Free tub of training treats and a toy ball. Plus WITH A FREE FOOD MEASURE

RABBIT FOOD: 2Kg of Millen Advance Rabbit feed,

HAYS: 1kg Ultra Timothy Hay, 1kg Meadow Hay so soft, 1kg Italian fine and Gold.

BEDDING: Lavender Shavings, large  Golden Barley straw , 3kg No frill straw based litter pellets.


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